Lawn Care

Black Hills Property Preservation (BHPP) has a variety of lawn care service options for any budget to help busy home or business owners maintain a well-manicured, healthy lawn and yard space. BHPP understands that maintaining a lawn can be time-consuming and a costly project for a property owner so we offer levels of service to meet the needs of every budget. BHPP has the tools and expertise to maintain your lawn. Save your time, energy, and money and hire the professionals at BHPP for your lawn needs.

BHPP specializes in lawn mowing, sprinkler repair, lawn core aeration, power raking, lawn repair, and over seeding to create greener, healthier lawns.

BHPP's complete line of lawn services includes:

  • Fall and spring cleanup to keep your yard healthy and maintain curb appeal
  • Lawn core aeration and power raking to keep your lawn healthy and in the best condition to accept water and nutrients
  • Over-seeding to prevent thinning grass and create a thick, healthy lawn
  • Lawn mowing to maintain curb appeal and a healthy lawn

Taking care of a lawn takes time and expensive equipment. Let BHPP manage your lawn year round so you can use your time for other things. Our lawn care service includes everything to maintain a healthy lawn, curb appeal, and property value.

Basic lawn maintenance includes mowing on a schedule or when you call for service. For long-term lawn health, we offer lawn core aeration and power raking. And, if needed, BHPP will over-seed your lawn to stimulate new growth and help maintain a thick, healthy lawn.

Every homeowner knows a yard and landscape needs cleaning and attention in both the fall and spring. At BHPP, we have the trucks and equipment to safely and professionally manage spring and fall cleanup and will get your yard ready for the next season.

BHPP's full range of lawn care services will keep your yard and landscape healthy and beautiful year-round, adding curb appeal and value to your property. If you don't want to invest your time and money in weekend yard work and expensive lawn maintenance equipment, call BHPP today for a lawn maintenance quote.