Lawn Care

A house that was serviced by our lawn care team in Rapid City, SD


A beautiful lawn is an asset to any home or business. If you have a dirt lot, patchy grass, weed growth, or less-than-desirable grass that you want to replace, turn to Black Hills Property Preservation. We service Rapid City, SD, and the Black Hills.

Lawn Care You Can Depend On

We offer a wide range of lawn care services to give your lawn the best chance possible. For example, turn to us if you need:

BHPP's complete line of lawn services includes:

  • Lawn mowing: Lawn mowing is the most basic yet vital step to a healthy and beautiful lawn. We can mow your lawn as needed or on a schedule.
  • Aeration: Does your lawn need a little TLC? Aeration helps by getting straight to the roots and supporting better circulation of necessary nutrients.
  • Power raking: Have dead grass that impedes a healthy lawn? Our powerful power raking machines can safely and effectively remove your dead material at the top.
  • Overseeding: Don't want to disturb your soil or grass? Overseeding can help. It implants grass seeds to help with dead spots, increase lawn density, and make a lawn more lush and colorful.
  • Lawn repair: Have specific issues with your lawn? We'll look it over and recommend services and care tactics to ensure you have a healthier lawn.
  • Sprinkler repair: Does your irrigation system simply not work well enough for you? We'll discover the issue and provide necessary repairs so it can perform at its best.
  • Spring and fall cleanup: We'll help your lawn gear up for spring and summer or go dormant for winter by removing accumulated lawn debris.

With our services, you'll have a quality lawn you can enjoy. We work with any budget and for any property.

Lawn Care Is Only a Call Away

Please contact us today at (605) 593-1022 to discuss your specific lawn care needs.

BHPP's full range of lawn care services will keep your yard and landscape healthy and beautiful year-round, adding curb appeal and value to your property. If you don't want to invest your time and money in weekend yard work and expensive lawn maintenance equipment, call BHPP today for a lawn maintenance quote.