Snow Removal

Since 2010 Black Hills Property Preservation has been providing timely, professional snow removal services to residential and business customers in Rapid City and the Black Hills area. We have a fleet of snow removal equipment and dedicated staff to ensure that your needs are met quickly and professionally.

Six snow plow trucks, two skid steers, two tractors, and 15 snow blowers are operated by trained staff to exceed customer expectations during the busy South Dakota winter snow season. Don't get caught off guard by a heavy snow season – book snow removal services now with BHPP and enjoy the winter without the worry, hassle and strain of moving snow.

Customers have a variety of options to meet their needs for snow removal services at BHPP:

  • One inch of snow triggers removal for business customers. This snow removal option is designed for businesses that have customers or employees whose access or parking will be affected by an inch of snow such as medical facilities and medical supply retailers. BHPP encourages customers to book this service before the busy winter season.
  • Two inches of snow triggers automatic services so customers know their business or residential needs are met and they won't be scrambling with a last-minute search to find snow removal services. BHPP encourages potential customers to book this automatic service well in advance of the winter season to ensure a worry-free winter.
  • Platinum service at BHPP guarantees snow removal by 6 a.m. If your business needs to operate around the clock regardless of snow conditions, consider BHPP platinum snow removal service. BHPP has the staff, vehicles and equipment to guarantee safe and efficient snow removal by 6 a.m. with our platinum service.

BHPP also provides hand shoveling, liquid deicer, and salt. Our experienced staff will keep sidewalks and entryways clear of snow and deiced so your family or customers have safe and easy access. Snow plowing is an important element of the winter season in South Dakota.

Don't be caught off guard this year when it starts to snow; call now to ensure your snow removal needs will be met by a professional snow removal service.