Snow Removal Services in Rapid City, SD

When a snowstorm inevitably hits, you need to be able to rely on a reputable snow removal company. Black Hills Property Preservation in Rapid City, SD, has been providing dependable snow services for 10 years to both commercial and residential customers. When it snows, you can count on us to clear the roads and parking lots you need to access.

Say Goodbye to Snow Days

Our team is equipped with an entire fleet ready to meet your snow removal needs. We also have a large staff on hand to help during the busy snow season Rapid City, SD, offers. Our equipment list includes the following:

  • 2 tractors
  • 2 skid steers
  • 6 snow plow trucks
  • 15 snow blowers
  • 1 exceptionally trained team

We’ll take the stress and hassle out of snow removal for you so you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected snowstorms this season.

Learn More About Our Exceptional Services

We strive to always do our best work and meet the needs of our customers. We’re pleased to offer the following snow services:

  • 1” commercial snow removal: After one inch of snow we’ll come by your facility to clear away snow in the parking lot and access points so your business can continue as normal. This snow removal option can be especially valuable for medical supplies and medical facilities but can benefit any commercial operation.
  • 2” automatic services: Following two inches of snow, we will make sure your home or business is cleared of snow so you can experience a worry-free winter.

If you’re looking into snow removal options, we highly encourage you to book our services before the winter season, when scheduling gets busy.  Be prepared for a snowy winter with some help from Black Hills Property Preservation in Rapid City, SD. Call us today at (605) 593-1022.