Specialized Mowing and Fire Prevention

Tractor Mowing Services Around Rapid City, SD

Black Hills Property Preservation specializes in slope mowing and fire prevention practices. Slopes and hills are common on both residential and business properties in Rapid City and the Black Hills area and are hard to maintain and mow. Often the result is an overabundance of nuisance weeds and increased vulnerability to wildfires. Clearing difficult slopes of grass and shrubs not only beautifies your property but also reduces the risk of wildfire reaching your home or business by removing a ready fuel supply.

BHPP slope mowers are specially designed to safely mow the most challenging slopes resulting in property beautification, reduced nuisance weeds and animals, and a reduction in the available fuel for a wildfire. Our slope mowers are designed to handle grades as steep as 45 percent while clearing grass and shrubs in one pass.

BHPP specialized mowing services include:

  • Slope mowing: Mowing slopes can be difficult and dangerous work for a home or business owner; conventional mowers aren't suited for the thick grasses and shrubs and using a weed whacker is difficult and time consuming. BHPP offers slope mowing services for grades up to 45 degrees. Our special slope mower safely clears shrubs and grasses from difficult slopes around your home and business. Clearing slopes also removes potential fuel for a wildfire creating a safe area around your property.
  • Large acreage mowing: Large acreages require special equipment and BHPP has the fleet and staff to mow acreages as large as 1,000 acres. Most jobs are not too large for BHPP so call today with your mowing needs.
  • Weed whacking
  • Embankment and dam mowing: At BHPP, we have the mowers and equipment to safely manage embankment and dam mowing efficiently and professionally

Don't get out the weed whacker and tackle difficult slope mowing projects yourself - call BHPP and we'll take care of shrubs and grasses on hard to mow slopes quickly, safely, and professionally.